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The following is a list of maps in the game Midair.

CTF[edit | edit source]

Abaddon, Aria, Authority, Dam, Day Hike, Deserted Sands, Hoki, Icedance, Icewind, Ignitus, Iratus, Massive, Snowfall, Tenebris, Verdant

LCTF[edit | edit source]

Brynhilder, ClusterRail, Exhumed, Hypothermia, Iguana, Ingonyama, Iratus, Kryosis, Minora, Outpost 99, Sunset Cove, Tenebris, Tolar, Verdant

Arena[edit | edit source]

Aquarena, Authority, Autumnal, ClusterRail, Research

Rabbit[edit | edit source]

Crystalline, Minora, Speedway